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ISIS Fighter: Is He Normal?


The world is horrible. The world suffers from crime. All of us know ISIS is the famous community claiming themselves as Muslim community. Most people blame Islam as to what ISIS do. Even some blame the holy book, Quran. ISIS is issued notorious with killing non-Muslims and other Muslims, rape under the guise of marriage, and the Chalipath. Women are slaves of them. That's all what I heard from news.

We still remember Khaled Sharrouf with his young son holding a severed human head.
Born in Australia in 1981 to Lebanese parents, Sharrouf grew up in Western Sydney, a working-class region with a big Muslim population. He was beaten by his father, was kicked out of school for bad behavior and appeared regularly in children’s court.

Around the time he turned 18, Sharrouf started using amphetamines, LSD and ecstasy, according to records from his 2009 court case. He began to hear voices and was diagnosed with depression by a local doctor, his medical records state. Two years later, the diagnosis was upgraded to a depressive anxiety order. Schizophrenia was added a year later. (The Washington Post).
And, the story of the 26-year-old Syrian woman who decided to marry ISIS fighter chief as ransom of his father's life.
She also says he seemed consumed with paranoia.
"He never felt safe. He slept with a gun next to his head. If someone knocked on the door, he only answered with his gun in his hand and his face covered. He didn't trust anyone."


She describes the female envoys as non-Syrian. One she says was from Tunisia; the other spoke a foreign language she did not understand, possibly a European one.

She says they were authoritative, abrupt and unsympathetic, and seemed to have no qualms about the role they were playing. The meeting lasted 10 minutes. (cnn).
Muslims are obliged to spread Islam, so does Christian. It is the human nature despite the obligation of the religion (God). All people want to grow up their community. The writers community invite others to join, the party members invite others to join, the art lovers community too, etc. "Common, join us. It's great!!" Muslims claim Islam is the best one, so does Christian, Jews, Hindu, etc.

I hesitate to say that ISIS is the religious problems. Those two stories may be not enough as evidence, but in reality, who misses the death? All normal people want a long life. They won't to die. But for Jihadists, death is martyrdom. It is true in Islam someone who die on war with infidels will live in paradise without any quest. But, it's not a simple matter. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) doesn't guarantee to enter paradise despite the mercy of God.

In Islam every deed rewarded depends upon the intentions. None knows what is in others' heart. But, let's take a look on most Jihadists. They shout "Allahu Akbar!" with strong loud voice. They kill other people. What is the intention, what is in their heart? Is Allah (God) the only one there? No one knows. But, we all know someone with mental illness doesn't have pure heart. In doing what obliged by God should be done sincerely, pure heart, and only one intention to fulfill that obligation, WITHOUT any hatred, without any revenge. I might be not qualified to explain more about it. Politic may also play the role behind the scene.

Let's talk about peace. All people and all communities want other said "You are the best one." It's normal. But, it becomes not normal when someone expresses it with violence. Jihadists like Khaled Sharrouf and the ex-husband of that Syrian woman felt that they are the right doer, and they claim others wrong doer and they express that feeling with bad expression. I don't believe that they join ISIS on behalf of Islam. It's a closer insight that they join ISIS to fulfill their own desire of willing to kill, to torture, to express the ill they suffered from.

In my point of view, it is educational and social problem. Inequity can lead someone to commit a crime. So does pure education. Wealthy people are more honored than the poor ones. It's normal, but it's not when the wealthy one offends the poor one. Islam and other religions teach the wealthy ones should care the poor. Giving bears love.
“O Abu Dharr, if you go and learn a verse of the Quran the reward is more than you praying a hundred rakaat (unit) of optional prayer; and if you go and learn a chapter of (religious) knowledge, the reward is more than you praying a thousand rakaat of optional prayer.” —Hadith ibn Majah.
The prophet also said, "The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it." Narrated by `Uthman: (Sahih al-Bukhari).

Learning and teaching; not killing each other. Normal Muslim will not blurt out, will not act without thinking. Good Muslim is not a lazy thinker who feels having best understanding just by reading one verse of Quran in a single sit.  It is just those who suffer from mental illness and lack of educational trainings tend to misbehave.

Let's learn together. All of us in this planet are learners. We are learning to be better, to be greater, to be perfect.

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