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How To Remove OffersWizard Ads

OffersWizard ads are very annoying for me. I have been experienced more than twice having this ads appear on my laptop screen when I was online. The pop-up appeared and closed almost a half of the window. I was stressful for the first time having it, and I searched on Google to solve it. Finally, I got it.

It was about two days ago this ads appeared again on my laptop. I didn't intend to install it. I forgot the way how to remove it. I had a look on CCleaner. I saw one program named offersWizard, but when I tried to uninstall it, the is a notification "...". I was worried about it, because I didn't really understand. I thought my laptop would be damaged.

Just now I tried searching again on Google, then I found that to remove OffersWizard ads is just uninstalling the OffersWizard program. You can go to Control Panel-->>Uninstall or change program-->>choose OffersWizard program-->> click uninstall

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