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The Memoirs of Seyyedeh Zahra Hoseyni: Da (Mother) - One Woman's War


"One Woman’s War (Da)" is autobiography and an oral history of the 8 year Iraqi, first appeared in September 2008. This is the oral histories of Iranian women in the Iran-Iraq war. This is the record of Zahra Hoseyni’s interviews with A zam Hoseyni while Kurdish families took refuge in Iran after being expelled from their home. Many readers see Da as an epic of grief.

There are three parts of this book. The first part tells about the author’s life: about her childhood in Iraq, about the immigration of her family to Iran, and about their struggle to life in Khorramshahr (a port city on the Persian Gulf).

The second part is the largest part. This part tells about Zahra Hoseyni s experiences as a nurse to wounded civilians and soldiers during the first three weeks of the Iran-Iraq War (September 22 October 13, 1980). Her role is collecting of body parts and washer of corpses. She is also as a combatant in the defense of Khorramshahr. Above all his role as Da (mother in Kurdish)

The third part tells about her recovery from shrapnel wounds. She got wounded on the battlefield. This part also tells about her married life. She spends in two homes: in an urban apartment house (central Tehran) and another one in a suburban area of southwestern Iran.

Now this book has been translated into English by Professor Paul Sprachman from Rutgers University. This book is also translated into Urdu and Turkish. Now the international people can read this book. This is available now on Amazon.



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