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A Christian Man Will Be The Governor Of Most Muslim Populated Province


Ahok, Jakarta vice governor, Christian and Muslim

I watch many videos about this great vice governor of Jakarta. He is like an angel, I think. However, he confuses the Muslims people in Jakarta. They have a lot of problems, and this Christian vice governor does his best for them. How many Muslim politicians have govern this country, this province especially, but the problems have not been solved. While this christian man really shows his great works.

"I don't do corruption because I know God exists," he said on media.

An Islamic teacher has ever said (he maybe joking), "Who will enter paradise: they are who believe in God but do not practice the Islamic lessons; or they are who do not accept Islam, but do a lot of Islam lessons?" The leader of an Islamic organization comment on him, "What you are doing is what should the Muslim do, Sir. Just need to recite Syahadah," then they laugh together.

Some people do not like Ahok (The vice governor's call name) because he looks short tempered, he is easily got angry. However, he was angry in the right moment with the right people. Political analyst said once on TV that Ahok was a spirit man. He worked focus on his goal, and didn't care how the way to achieve that goal. If something or someone disturbed him, he will be angry and try to strike it away. His goal is to uphold social justice. He works for his people. I am proud of him.

Some people claim that what he does is to make himself become popular and to be reelected again. But, it doesn't make sense. I think, his character had been well created by his father (based on his story) since he was a child. His father was a successful businessman in Bangka Belitung. He help poor people.

Ahok watched this, Ahok learned it. He raised up with this great deed. In my point of view, this make him become a great man, become a great hero. He really know and really understand how meaningful helping people. He really feel that he must help them. Wallahua'lam.

Several days ago I watched video on YouTube about an Islamic organization, FPI (Front Pembela Islam). On that video the leader, Habib Riziq, refuses Ahok to be governor of Jakarta after Jokowi become president of this country. The reason is because Muslims people may not or forbid to choose non-Muslim become leader. However, other Muslim community accept him as governor.

However, my understanding came up with that Habib did not refuse Ahok, but he just followed his understanding that according his understanding Muslims are forbidden to make non-Muslim become their leader. This understanding may change later. Nobody is perfect. Everybody is on the learning process. Something great he did in the end of the video, he pray together with all his members, "Hope God guide Ahok to the right path." It is really great. Prayer is better than hatred.

Almost every day I watch his video on YouTube. I always get new lessons from him. He is really great. He is like Umar RA, I think.

I hope God always guide us.

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