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They Have Amazing Voices

Celine Dion

 The first time I knew her was about 17 years ago in the movie Titanic. I really like the power of her voice. She has a really incredible voice. I do like it, amazing. Listening to her song is burning my spirit. I feel a great power infiltrating the whole of my soul and wake my soul up.

Several months ago I learned French. The pronunciation was so difficult for me as I am an Asian man. But, I tried to be motivated. I tried searching on Google, might be Celine Dion also sang in French. And, I was so lucky. I found her really nice songs in French: Je T'aime Encore and Sous Le Vent.

KH Muammar ZA

It's not a song. But, I feel the poetic sense melting my soul into an ice of the beauty. I like the incredible power of his voice in reciting the Quran. I have heard his voice since I was a child, but I didn't know that he was him. I knew him last year. My friend gave me the video.

jump to 1:55 - 4:01 and 7:00 - end

Another video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK2UBlXV5kU

Josh Groban

I knew his name from a friend. He liked the song You Raise Me Up. I only knew that that song belong to Westlife, but he told me that Josh sang that song more beautiful than Westlife did. I tried to find it. He was right. Josh Groban's voice was more powerful.

I do love Spanish. I found a great song was sung by Josh Groban, Aléjate. I downloaded many of his songs on YouTube: To Where You are, All I know of Love, Remember When It Rained, The prayer (ft Celine Dion), Broken Vow, etc.

Susan Boyle

I knew her on YouTube, in the Britain's Got Talent. She sang "I Dreamed A Dream". So stunning. I listen to her song repeatedly, I watched the video on YouTube if I remember the song.

Amazing voice, great singer, Entertainment

The vocalist of Linkin Park

This one is so amazing. So strong. I like the spirit.

I don't put numbers in this list because I don't want to make one as number one or number two. I do love all of their voice. Amazing.

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