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Lesson From Umar (Ra): Is Islam Terrorist? Is ISIS Wrong?


Who Is Umar (RA)

Lesson From Umar (Ra): Is Islam Terrorist? Is ISIS Wrong?
The Ambassador of the king of Byzantium said, "I am absolutely taken by surprise at what I see! I cannot find words to say. I came here wondering: did those armies that took Syria away from us come out of here? Now my surprise, wonder and ignorance have become humble submission, certainly and true knowledge. I am speaking only for myself, expressing my own view. Man has always sought wisdom, but was misguided by following his own desire. One can learn from an opponent what one cannot learn from a friend. True. A man who has silenced kings and defeated large armies; a man who has absolutely terrified kings lives in such conditions? Yet, why do I wonder? Those kings have ruled unjustly and became dictators. Hence, they cannot sleep because of their fears and apprehensions. You, Caliph... may I address you by your name? You, Umar, ruled fairly, felt secure and slept." You can watch the movie of this on YouTube, jump to 13:21 - 15:44.

Umar (RA) was one of Muhammad’s (PBUH) companions. Allah’s Messenger said, "The best of people are those living in my time. Then come those who follow them, and then come those who follow them. Those will be followed by a generation whose witness is sometimes true, sometimes." recorded in authentic books of Hadith, including Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

Allah’s Messenger also warned:

"Do not curse my Companions! Do not curse my Companions! I swear by Him in Whose hand my life is that, even if one among you had as much gold as Mount Uhud and spent it in the way of Allah, this would not be equal in reward to a few handfuls of them or even to half of that." (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

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We May Not Force Others To Accept Islam

Nobody is perfect. Therefore, God orders all Muslims to study until the end of their lives. All of us are on the way of learning, we are learning to be better. It is great what Albert Einstein said to Ernest Rutherford when he said, "In my book, Newton says that the laws of the universe are fixed". Einstein replied, "Newton's wrong". Einstein's right. Universe will always change and we should always learn.

Therefore, don't be judgemental. Only God has right to judge one thing is right or wrong. If someone feel having the same right, so s/he is God. Impossible. Umar (RA) gave us example on the dialogue bellow.

Umar: I plead for God's forgiveness 2x.

His friend: What have you done, Umar? What are you requesting forgiveness for, Ameer Al-Mukmineen?

Umar: An elderly Christian woman. She had some business with me. I gave her what she needed, but then I called on her to accept Islam.

His friend: But you haven't forced her, have you?

Umar: I feared that there was a touch of compulsion by giving her what she asked for.

His friend: It all boils down to your intention, Ameer Al-Mu'mineen. Actions are determined by intention.

Watch the dialogue on YouTube, jump to 31:57 - 33:50,

How Muslim leader should treat Non-Muslims

Umar (RA) gave us example about this. Bellow is his dialogue with Pastor.

Pastor: May God protect you, fair Caliph.

Umar: You may judge in your disputes according to your own laws. If someone of you voluntarily request us to be the arbiters, we will judge as we judge for ourselves.

Pastor: This is fair.

Umar: if any of my officials or any Muslim deals unjustly with any of you, do not tolerate that. Put the case to me. Your trust is that of God, His Messenger, myself, the Caliphs who follow me and the entire Muslim community. Do you know that God's Messenger (PBUH) said, "Whoever harms a person with a covenant harms me." One of the lasting he said was, "I urge you to be kind to those under my dhimmah." Do you know what dhimmah means to the Arabs? If a person is under the dhimmah of another man or a tribe, he is immune against any attack or injustice. If anyone assaults that person, it is as if he has assaulted the one who extended his dhimmah to him. He must support him as he would protect himself and his family and honour. If he does not, a major stigma of disgrace will attach to him forever. This is the dhimmah of one person or a clan. Compare that to the dhimmah of God and His messenger which we gave you! Anyone who is unjust to you is in breach of the pledge of God and His Messenger, and he is an opponent of God and his Messenger. Whoever is at war with God and His Messenger, is at war with us all, even if we were all to perish.

Pastor: This is why you defeated the Byzantines, who had defeated the world.

Umar: We entrust you with God.

Watch the movie of this dialogue on YouTube, jump to 7:35 - 9:57,

How to spread Islam

The Greatest Fighter is He fights with words and justification, Not swords or Guns

Umar said, "How good is Amr! He fights with words and justification, while others fight with swords. His war is certainly soft, unlike other wars characterized by dominating power and violence."

Another said, "The people of Egypt, as we heard, have deep grievance against the Byzantines. So, they genuinely hope to get rid of them. Only the Byzantines are armed in Egypt, while the Copts are not. The only fighters Amr has to contend with are the Byzantine garrisons."

Another one added, "And the byzantines are demoralized after they have lost Syria, from where they can have no reinforcements."

Umar replied, "You seem to make light of Amr's achievement."

"By no means, but..." One responded.

Umar said, "The greatest victory is that which cost little bloodshed from both sides. Our aim is neither to push the Muslims into a ruinous war, nor to proudly crush others. If we win with such methods, people will only adopt Islam for ulterior motives while harbouring lasting grudges against it. They will never be honest with us. We are simply carrying the Islamic message to people, hoping to deliver them from the narrowness of this life to the expanse of both this life and the life to come."

Watch the movie of this dialogue on YouTube, Jump to 29:30 - 31-54,


My friend told on his Facebook several days ago that a Bakso (meatball) vendor who always selling in front of his house patch the name of his wagon which is used for selling Bakso. The reason is because the name is "ISIS". He has been selling there for about two years. Many different perspectives are addressed to ISIS. Some people support it, the others hate it, some people also do not care about it.

Many Muslim people do not like ISIS, even Sunni community. Some Muslims even said that ISIS is the ally of Israel. It is also released on YouTube that Obama is behind ISIS. Which one is true?

There is one Muslim community has existed for several years in my country wants all countries in the world must be ruled by Caliphate, but they do it by word (Not sword). Other Muslim communities do not agree with it. And now we have been surprised and shocked by one Muslim community emerges to build Islamic State (ISIS) by gun. It has been reported that this community killed many people including other Muslim community who do not agree with them.

Many Non-Muslim friends blame Quran and Hadith, they blame Muhammad PBUH and all his companions, and all Muslims. Some of them told me that they have read Quran, “Quran order all Muslims to go to war,” they said. I clarified, “You are wrong”. You will not understand Quran and Hadith just by reading them. Background knowledge is one affect reading comprehension. They have no enough background knowledge to comprehend Islam by themselves. Religions (Not only Islam) are not trivial stuff. You must learn Muhammad’s (PBUH) explanations, his companions, and Ulamak. They have better ability in interpreting Quran and Hadith, they have better understanding.

My Islamic teacher once said, “When an ant bites your hand, you will also blame the ants inside the burrow”. The different between human and animal is human has ability to think, think, and think. Islam has been claimed as terrorist just because the mistake of some communities. Is it a wasting time to think and questioned, “Who is doing this evil?” rather than blaming all people of one community? If someone or one community commits a crime, it doesn’t mean that their country or their religion must be blamed.

All humans are on the way of learning, we are always learning to make our lives better. I don't want to blame ISIS and all humans in this planet. But, as one of humans in this world, I feel that hatred has earned more power in this era. Many people blame and hate others without any clear and proven reasons. Is it a sign of the degradation of human civilization?

If Muslim people make mistakes, it doesn’t mean that Quran and Hadith are wrong. So do Christian people, Buddhists, Hindu people, etc. Not all people have good understanding about their religions.
Islam is guidance for all humans to get a better life. So, it is a big mistake when someone gets angry seeing others are in the wrong way. “Hi, you are in the wrong way, you will be lost. Therefore, you must be punished, you must be killed!!!” Does it make sense? No, absolutely not. The purpose is achieving the goal, not become a winner or become the only right doer.  If you know someone is on the wrong way, what you need to do is telling him or her the right one. Make him or her understand the mistake. If they do not believe you, you do not need to force them to follow you.

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