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5 Best Faucets To Collect Bitcoin For Free


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Bitcoin is a good online business. You can do this business every day or even every time and you get money (coin) in every second. There are many ways to collect money in this business, one of those ways is collecting through faucets. Here are the best faucets I used:

What is Bitcoin? Read on Wikipedia Explain What Bitcoin is

1) moonbit.co.in

It's the easy way and does not waste your time. What you need to do is only inserting you Bitcoin address and click, then let the coin rising up. You can withdraw to your microwallet every five minutes. I get 100 satoshi every 12 minutes. I prefer to withdraw every reach 100 satoshi to let the system run fast.

2) Green Bitcoin

It's also a faucet you can withdraw your coin immediately to your microwallet every 15 minute. Some times you get 50 satoshi, 500000 satoshi, 2000 satoshi, 130 satoshi, 100 satoshi, 70 satoshi.

3) Free Bitcoin

This faucet lets you to earn 0.00000340 BTC - 0.34044292 BTC every 60 minutes. But, you cannot withdraw the coin immediately. The system automatically send it to your microwallet. If you're lucky, you will get the second one.

4) Coin Adder

You earn coins by viewing ads, every ad gives you 50 faucet. There are 13 ads in a day.

5) Bitcoin Zebra

You get 1000 faucet once you register on it. The coin automatically sent to your microwallet every Sunday after reach 5500 satoshi.

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