They Have Amazing Voices

Celine Dion

 The first time I knew her was about 17 years ago in the movie Titanic. I really like the power of her voice. She has a really incredible voice. I do like it, amazing. Listening to her song is burning my spirit. I feel a great power infiltrating the whole of my soul and wake my soul up.

Several months ago I learned French. The pronunciation was so difficult for me as I am an Asian man. But, I tried to be motivated. I tried searching on Google, might be Celine Dion also sang in French. And, I was so lucky. I found her really nice songs in French: Je T'aime Encore and Sous Le Vent.

KH Muammar ZA

It's not a song. But, I feel the poetic sense melting my soul into an ice of the beauty. I like the incredible power of his voice in reciting the Quran. I have heard his voice since I was a child, but I didn't know that he was him. I knew him last year. My friend gave me the video.

jump to 1:55 - 4:01 and 7:00 - end

Another video

Josh Groban

I knew his name from a friend. He liked the song You Raise Me Up. I only knew that that song belong to Westlife, but he told me that Josh sang that song more beautiful than Westlife did. I tried to find it. He was right. Josh Groban's voice was more powerful.

I do love Spanish. I found a great song was sung by Josh Groban, Aléjate. I downloaded many of his songs on YouTube: To Where You are, All I know of Love, Remember When It Rained, The prayer (ft Celine Dion), Broken Vow, etc.

Susan Boyle

I knew her on YouTube, in the Britain's Got Talent. She sang "I Dreamed A Dream". So stunning. I listen to her song repeatedly, I watched the video on YouTube if I remember the song.

Amazing voice, great singer, Entertainment

The vocalist of Linkin Park

This one is so amazing. So strong. I like the spirit.

I don't put numbers in this list because I don't want to make one as number one or number two. I do love all of their voice. Amazing.

Lesson From Umar (Ra): Is Islam Terrorist? Is ISIS Wrong?

Who Is Umar (RA)

Umar RA, ISIS, Caliphate
The Ambassador of the king of Byzantium said, "I am absolutely taken by surprise at what I see! I cannot find words to say. I came here wondering: did those armies that took Syria away from us come out of here? Now my surprise, wonder and ignorance have become humble submission, certainly and true knowledge. I am speaking only for myself, expressing my own view. Man has always sought wisdom, but was misguided by following his own desire. One can learn from an opponent what one cannot learn from a friend. True. A man who has silenced kings and defeated large armies; a man who has absolutely terrified kings lives in such conditions? Yet, why do I wonder? Those kings have ruled unjustly and became dictators. Hence, they cannot sleep because of their fears and apprehensions. You, Caliph... may I address you by your name? You, Umar, ruled fairly, felt secure and slept." You can watch the movie of this on YouTube, jump to 13:21 - 15:44, click here

Umar (RA) was one of Muhammad’s (PBUH) companions. Allah’s Messenger said, "The best of people are those living in my time. Then come those who follow them, and then come those who follow them. Those will be followed by a generation whose witness is sometimes true, sometimes." recorded in authentic books of Hadith, including Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

Allah’s Messenger also warned:

"Do not curse my Companions! Do not curse my Companions! I swear by Him in Whose hand my life is that, even if one among you had as much gold as Mount Uhud and spent it in the way of Allah, this would not be equal in reward to a few handfuls of them or even to half of that." (Al-Bukhari and Muslim). Read more here

We May Not Force Others To Accept Islam

Nobody is perfect. Therefore, God orders all Muslims to study until the end of their lives. All of us are on the way of learning, we are learning to be better. It is great what Albert Einstein said to Ernest Rutherford when he said, "In my book, Newton says that the laws of the universe are fixed". Einstein replied, "Newton's wrong". Einstein's right. Universe will always change and we should always learn.

Therefore, don't be judgemental. Only God has right to judge one thing is right or wrong. If someone feel having the same right, so s/he is God. Impossible. Umar (RA) gave us example on the dialogue bellow.

Umar: I plead for God's forgiveness 2x.

His friend: What have you done, Umar? What are you requesting forgiveness for, Ameer Al-Mukmineen?

Umar: An elderly Christian woman. She had some business with me. I gave her what she needed, but then I called on her to accept Islam.

His friend: But you haven't forced her, have you?

Umar: I feared that there was a touch of compulsion by giving her what she asked for.

His friend: It all boils down to your intention, Ameer Al-Mu'mineen. Actions are determined by intention.

Watch the dialogue on YouTube, jump to 31:57 - 33:50, click here

How Muslim leader should treat Non-Muslims

Umar (RA) gave us example about this. Bellow is his dialogue with Pastor.

Pastor: May God protect you, fair Caliph.

Umar: You may judge in your disputes according to your own laws. If someone of you voluntarily request us to be the arbiters, we will judge as we judge for ourselves.

Pastor: This is fair.

Umar: if any of my officials or any Muslim deals unjustly with any of you, do not tolerate that. Put the case to me. Your trust is that of God, His Messenger, myself, the Caliphs who follow me and the entire Muslim community. Do you know that God's Messenger (PBUH) said, "Whoever harms a person with a covenant harms me." One of the lasting he said was, "I urge you to be kind to those under my dhimmah." Do you know what dhimmah means to the Arabs? If a person is under the dhimmah of another man or a tribe, he is immune against any attack or injustice. If anyone assaults that person, it is as if he has assaulted the one who extended his dhimmah to him. He must support him as he would protect himself and his family and honour. If he does not, a major stigma of disgrace will attach to him forever. This is the dhimmah of one person or a clan. Compare that to the dhimmah of God and His messenger which we gave you! Anyone who is unjust to you is in breach of the pledge of God and His Messenger, and he is an opponent of God and his Messenger. Whoever is at war with God and His Messenger, is at war with us all, even if we were all to perish.

Pastor: This is why you defeated the Byzantines, who had defeated the world.

Umar: We entrust you with God.

Watch the movie of this dialogue on YouTube, jump to 7:35 - 9:57, click here

How to spread Islam

The Greatest Fighter is He fights with words and justification, Not swords or Guns

Umar said, "How good is Amr! He fights with words and justification, while others fight with swords. His war is certainly soft, unlike other wars characterized by dominating power and violence."

Another said, "The people of Egypt, as we heard, have deep grievance against the Byzantines. So, they genuinely hope to get rid of them. Only the Byzantines are armed in Egypt, while the Copts are not. The only fighters Amr has to contend with are the Byzantine garrisons."

Another one added, "And the byzantines are demoralized after they have lost Syria, from where they can have no reinforcements."

Umar replied, "You seem to make light of Amr's achievement."

"By no means, but..." One responded.

Umar said, "The greatest victory is that which cost little bloodshed from both sides. Our aim is neither to push the Muslims into a ruinous war, nor to proudly crush others. If we win with such methods, people will only adopt Islam for ulterior motives while harbouring lasting grudges against it. They will never be honest with us. We are simply carrying the Islamic message to people, hoping to deliver them from the narrowness of this life to the expanse of both this life and the life to come."

Watch the movie of this dialogue on YouTube, Jump to 29:30 - 31-54, click here


My friend told on his Facebook several days ago that a Bakso (meatball) vendor who always selling in front of his house patch the name of his wagon which is used for selling Bakso. The reason is because the name is "ISIS". He has been selling there for about two years. Many different perspectives are addressed to ISIS. Some people support it, the others hate it, some people also do not care about it.

Many Muslim people do not like ISIS, even Sunni community. Some Muslims even said that ISIS is the ally of Israel. It is also released on YouTube that Obama is behind ISIS. Which one is true?

There is one Muslim community has existed for several years in my country wants all countries in the world must be ruled by Caliphate, but they do it by word (Not sword). Other Muslim communities do not agree with it. And now we have been surprised and shocked by one Muslim community emerges to build Islamic State (ISIS) by gun. It has been reported that this community killed many people including other Muslim community who do not agree with them.

Many Non-Muslim friends blame Quran and Hadith, they blame Muhammad PBUH and all his companions, and all Muslims. Some of them told me that they have read Quran, “Quran order all Muslims to go to war,” they said. I clarified, “You are wrong”. You will not understand Quran and Hadith just by reading them. Background knowledge is one affect reading comprehension. They have no enough background knowledge to comprehend Islam by themselves. Religions (Not only Islam) are not trivial stuff. You must learn Muhammad’s (PBUH) explanations, his companions, and Ulamak. They have better ability in interpreting Quran and Hadith, they have better understanding.

My Islamic teacher once said, “When an ant bites your hand, you will also blame the ants inside the burrow”. The different between human and animal is human has ability to think, think, and think. Islam has been claimed as terrorist just because the mistake of some communities. Is it a wasting time to think and questioned, “Who is doing this evil?” rather than blaming all people of one community? If someone or one community commits a crime, it doesn’t mean that their country or their religion must be blamed.

All humans are on the way of learning, we are always learning to make our lives better. I don't want to blame ISIS and all humans in this planet. But, as one of humans in this world, I feel that hatred has earned more power in this era. Many people blame and hate others without any clear and proven reasons. Is it a sign of the degradation of human civilization?

If Muslim people make mistakes, it doesn’t mean that Quran and Hadith are wrong. So do Christian people, Buddhists, Hindu people, etc. Not all people have good understanding about their religions.
Islam is guidance for all humans to get a better life. So, it is a big mistake when someone gets angry seeing others are in the wrong way. “Hi, you are in the wrong way, you will be lost. Therefore, you must be punished, you must be killed!!!” Does it make sense? No, absolutely not. The purpose is achieving the goal, not become a winner or become the only right doer.  If you know someone is on the wrong way, what you need to do is telling him or her the right one. Make him or her understand the mistake. If they do not believe you, you do not need to force them to follow you.

Tanda-tanda Bahwa Dia Benar-benar Mencintaimu

ciri ciri cinta sejati, tanda cinta dia, ciri-ciri, pasangan sejati

1.Dia menatap matamu ketika bicara
Hal ini merupakan salah satu dari bahasa tubuh. Jika ia menatap matamu ketika bicara, itu berarti dia memperhatikanmu dengan sungguh-sungguh. Mungkin tidak hanya itu, dia akan menunjukkan perilaku-perilaku lain yang menunjukkan bahwa dia sangat memperhatikanmu dengan hatinya.

2. DIA Ingin Tahu Tentangmu
Jika pacarmu bertanya tentang masa lalumu, impianmu, keinginanmu, kebutuhanmu, apa yang kamu sukai, atau apa pun tentangmu sebagai seorang individu. Hal itu jelas buatmu bahwa dia ingin yang terbaik buatmu. Ini merupakan indikasi yang sangat baik bahwa dia mencintaimu.

3. Dia merangkulmu dan membelaimu
Jika dia ingin memegang tanganmu ketika berjalan berdua, itu berarti bahwa dia mengatakan dengan bahasa tubuhnya bahwa dia mencintamu.

4. Dia menghiburmu saat kau sedang menghadapi masalah
Ini adalah salah satu indikator penting dari sebuah hubungan yang akan bertahan sepanjang waktu yang penuh rintangan. Jika kamu bisa melupakan masalhmu karena sikapnya dan merasa nyaman didekatnya, bersyukurlah, engkau sungguh beruntung.

5. Dia menjadi yang terbaik buatmu
Tidak harus melakukan hal-hal yang wah dan berlebihan, tidak harus dengan barang-barang yang mahal, cukup dengan sms, atau dengan status di facebook. Inti dari tanda ini adalah bahwa setiap kali dia tidak memberikan hadiah, apakah itu untuk acara khusus seperti ulang tahun, atau … itu adalah hadiah yang berarti buatmu secara pribadi. Dia menunjukkan bahwa dia peduli padamu dengan hati yang tulus.

6. Dia membuatmu merasa special
Memberikan pujian Anda tentang betapa tampannya dirimu adalah salah satu cara dia membuatmu merasa istimewa. Mungkin berupa panggilan telepon yang sederhana, email, atau bahkan surat cinta formal, atau sms. Apapun yang dia lakukan, dia ingin memberimu kesenangan. Dia ingin membuatmu merasa sebagai orang paling tampan di dunia.

7. Dia ingin kamu bertemu teman-temannya
Bertemu teman-teman berarti menjadi bagian dari kehidupan masing-masing. Jika dia ingin bertemu teman-temanmu, dan menghabiskan waktu untuk mengenal orang-orang yang penting dalam hidupmu, dia benar-benar mencintaimu. Jika dia merasa nyaman dengan teman-temanmu, dan membuatmu merasa nyaman, artikan sendiri deh…

8. Dia membuatmu tertawa dan merasakan nikmatnya hidup
Tertawa bersama merupakan salah satu bagian dari hubungan yang sehat. Jika dia tidak bisa berbagi kegembiraan hidup denganmu, dia tidak akan mampu mengatasi masa-masa sulit yang pasti akan datang dengan caramu juga. Jika di masa-masa sulit, entah bagaimana dia bisa membuatmu tersenyum. Itu karena dia mencintaimu dan ingin kamu bahagia. Dia bersukacita dengan melihat kamu bahagia.

9. Dia senang menghabiskan waktu bersamamu
Dia memperlakukanmu sebagai sahabat terbaiknya. Dia bisa sangat senang menghabiskan waktu dengan hanya berdua denganmu saja, tidak perlu memiliki sejuta orang sepanjang waktu. Dia selalu berusaha untuk melihatmu dan hanya benar-benar bahagia berada di dekatmu. Dia memberitahumu tentang hatinya, mimpinya, dan mampu untuk berbagi ide dengannya. Dia juga menjadikanmu tempat mengadu saat ia bersedih dan butuh dihibur.

10. Dia Menyatakan Cinta Padamu Setelah Tuju Tahun
Seberapa berartikah ata “Aku mencintaimu” jika itu hanyalah sebuah rangkaian kata-kata yang tak terkait dengan hati?

I Earn 0.00002970 Bitcoin For One Hour

There are a lot of bitcoin faucets to earn coin (money). Each of them gives free bitcoin or satoshi: 1 satoshi, 100 satoshi, 300 satoshi. Some of them give free coin every 15 minutes, the others 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, etc.
What is Bitcoin? Read on Wikipedia Explain What Bitcoin is

To earn those bitcoins or satoshi, you don't need to do a lot of things, but just submitting your bitcoin address, then type the captcha, so you are rewarded the bitcoin or satoshi. It's about 30 seconds done for single faucet, and you earn approximately 100 satoshi. To earn more satoshi, you need more faucets, maybe 100 faucets. But, how you open those faucets in your browser?
bitcoin faucets, land of bitcoin, online business

In the Land of Bitcoin you can open 143 faucets. You can register to the Land Of Bitcoin and earn a lot of satoshi through those faucets. You will get more satoshi if you also open moonbitcoin in another tab or another browser. You don't need to do anything on moonbitcoin, just let it run, the value of the satoshi raising by itself. You can withdraw the satoshi on Moonbitcoin at least every 5 minutes. I get approximately 100 satoshi every 10 minutes. Register here Land Of Bitcoin.

Once you open the Land Of Bitcoin site, click on the Login/register button on the right corner above. Then you will come to next page as bellow. Click the instant registration, then start working.
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The are more than 100 faucets in the land Of Bitcoin. Look the picture bellow:

Obove the red horisontal line is the page of Land of Bitcoin site, and bellow it is the page of the faucet. That faucet is Rabbitcoin. Then, submit your bitcoin address on the box bello, under the text "Enter your Bitcoin address, email or username". type the captcha (like when you work on faucets outside Land Of Bitcoin). When you finish it, click next on the corner above. You will be redirected to the next faucet.

Register to Moon Bitcoin. The page is like the picture bellow. Submit your Bitcoin address and click the button on the right side (Login). Let it run.
Moon Bitcoin, Bitcoin faucets, online business

You can also open Green Bitcoin. you can earn free satoshi or bitcoin 500000 satoshi, 2000 satoshi, 130 satoshi, 100 satoshi, 70 satoshi, 50 satoshi every 15 minutes. Register here Green Bitcoin. The page is like the picture bellow.
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Recover Deleted Files Using WinUtilities Software

Losing important file on your computer can lead to stress condition. Moreover, you lose a very important file. You can find it in recycle bin, but if you have cleared the recycle bin, I don't know how will you express your stress. WinUtilities software is one solution for this.

You can get Undelet Winutilities software here

Bellow the steps of using it:

undelet file, recover deleted file, winutulities software

Setelah didownload, buka aplikasinya, dan akan nampak seperti gambar di atas. Klik D, sehingga muncul penampakan seperti gambar di bawah, di urutan paling bawah ada pilihan "Semua file terhapus" atau "All deleted file". Klick yang itu. 

After you downloaded the file, open it. You'll see like the picture above. click on D, or C, or E. If you scroll down the cursor, there is a folder named "All deleted files". Click on it, then you'll see like the picture bellow.

undelet woftware, recover deleted files, winutilities software

Then, right click on the file you want to undelete, then choose undelete.

Cara Mengembalikan File Yang Terhapus Permanen Di Komputer

Pernah tidak sengaja menghapus file di komputer? pasti bingung jika itu merupakan file penting, apalagi menghapusnya permanen, recycle bin sudah dibersihin semua. Apalagi file penting seperti skripsi, tesis, desertasi, laporan keuangan, dsb. Tetapi, tak ada penyakit yang tak ada obatnya, kecuali yang belum ditemukan. Untuk masalah file terhapus, ada solusi untuk mengembalikannya.

Anda bisa mengunduh software undelet Winutilities Undelet

Berikut langkahnya:

undelet file, mengembalikan sofware terhapus, tips komputer

Setelah didownload, buka aplikasinya, dan akan nampak seperti gambar di atas. Klik D, sehingga muncul penampakan seperti gambar di bawah, di urutan paling bawah ada pilihan "Semua file terhapus" atau "All deleted file". Klick yang itu. 

Tips komputer, undelet woftware, file komputer terhapus

Setelah muncul seperti gambar di atas, klik kanan pada file yang ingin dikembalikan, lalu pilih undelet.

Beres deh.

5 Best Faucets To Collect Bitcoin For Free

online business, free bitcoin, best faucet

Bitcoin is a good online business. You can do this business every day or even every time and you get money (coin) in every second. There are many ways to collect money in this business, one of those ways is collecting through faucets. Here are the best faucets I used:

What is Bitcoin? Read on Wikipedia Explain What Bitcoin is


It's the easy way and does not waste your time. What you need to do is only inserting you Bitcoin address and click, then let the coin rising up. You can withdraw to your microwallet every five minutes. I get 100 satoshi every 12 minutes. I prefer to withdraw every reach 100 satoshi to let the system run fast.

2) Green Bitcoin

It's also a faucet you can withdraw your coin immediately to your microwallet every 15 minute. Some times you get 50 satoshi, 500000 satoshi, 2000 satoshi, 130 satoshi, 100 satoshi, 70 satoshi.

3) Free Bitcoin

This faucet lets you to earn 0.00000340 BTC - 0.34044292 BTC every 60 minutes. But, you cannot withdraw the coin immediately. The system automatically send it to your microwallet. If you're lucky, you will get the second one.

4) Coin Adder

You earn coins by viewing ads, every ad gives you 50 faucet. There are 13 ads in a day.

5) Bitcoin Zebra

You get 1000 faucet once you register on it. The coin automatically sent to your microwallet every Sunday after reach 5500 satoshi.

Kerja Sukses Dengan Motivasi Dan Strategi Yang Kuat

sukses motivasi, motivator
Anda mungkin tidak dapat menyentuh bintang-bintang tapi apa yang dapat anda lakukan adalah setidaknya mendapatkan tempat daripada hanya berpikir tentang hal itu. Anda harus menemukan di mana kepentingan Anda. Anda mungkin bukan karyawan terbaik dalam organisasi. Tapi usaha anda akan selalu diakui. Jadi percaya pada diri sendiri dan termotivasi terus-menerus.

Ada banyak strategi yang berbeda yang biasa digunakan untuk menangani perlawanan. Sebelum anda memutuskan untuk menggunakan strategi tertentu atau beberapa strategi, anda harus terlebih dahulu memahami jenis karakteristik orang lain. itulah yang sering dikatakan oleh para motivator untuk meningkatkan sebuah trafik kesuksesan sebuah bisnis atau perusahaan.

Mungkin anda atau perusahaan anda perlu mengikuti sebuah seminar atau juga menghadirkan seorang motivator untuk membantu dalam memberikan motivasi kepada para karyawan anda sehingga penjualan dan keuntungan perusahaan akan meningkat dengan cepat dan para karyawan juga merasa senang dengan pekerjaan yang mereka lakukan. Anda bisa mempertimbangkan berbagai motivator ternama seperti Haryanto Kandani untuk sebagai motivator kesuksesan anda. Sudah ada banyak perusahaan yang merasakan manfaat dari seminar dan berbagai saran darinya, bahkan mereka merasakan perubahan yang lebih baik.

Anda mungkin sering mendengar Pelanggan berkata, "Kedengarannya bagus, tapi tidak sekarang,". Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa pelanggan mungkin tidak termotivasi untuk bergerak maju untuk membeli produk anda. Anda harus lebih termotivasi dan menggunakan teknik yang lain yang akan menarik pelanggan untuk membeli produk anda.

Persiapan memainkan peran yang sangat penting dalam kemampuan untuk menarik kesuksesan. Persiapkan semua hal yang anda butuhkan dan segala kemungkinan yang akan terjadi nanti dengan baik. Bahkan seorang motivator juga mempersiapkan semuanya dengan sebaik mungkin, mereka berusaha untuk menjadi sosok yang pantas untuk dihargai dan dihormati, juga berusaha untuk memberikan yang terbaik dan sesuai dengan fakta yang ada. Selain itu, para motivator juga tidak begitu saja memberikan saran dan pendapat kepada public, mereka berbicara sesuai dengan pengalaman dan sesuai dengan kenyataan yang ada di lapangan, dan hal ini juga bisa anda gunakan dalam bisnis yang sedang anda jalankan.

Celana Rayon Murah Motif Simetris

Pernah mendengar celana rayon? Jika anda belum pernah mencoba bahkan belum pernah mendengarnya sama sekali maka kami disini akan memberikan sedikit penjelasan tentang celana rayon. Celana rayon adalah salah satu pakaian murah celana yang sekarang ini banyak digunakan oleh para remaja dan juga orang dewasa. Celana ini dipercaya membuat penampilan menjadi lebih terlihat bagus dan rapi saat digunakan.

celana rayon murah, pakaian murah

Celana rayon murah selalu menjadi incaran para wanita. Bahan yang digunakan untuk celana rayon membuat anda merasa nyaman dan juga tidak membuat kulit iritasi. Salah satu celana rayon terkenal saat ini adalah celana rayon motif simetris. Jika celana rayon biasa membuat penampilan menjadi menarik, maka rayon bermotif membuat penampilan menjadi lebih menarik dan berbeda dari biasanya. Celana ini cocok untuk bersantai dimanapun dalam suasana apapun.

Disini, kami menyediakan celana rayon murah meriah dengan harga Rp. ‎65.000. Harga ini termasuk harga yang murah dan tidak pernah diberikan oleh penjual celana rayon yang lain. Anda harus tahu bahwa celana rayon bisa digunakan oleh wanita yang memiliki ukuran badan yang besar. Jadi jika anda sekarang ini merasa kesulitan mencari celana dengan ukuran besar, maka rayon bisa anda gunakan. Kulit anda tidak akan iritasi atau terasa sakit ketika memakai celana ini. Bahan yang digunakan merupakan bahan yang lembut dan dingin, kulit akan terjaga kelembabannya dan anda akan merasa sangat percaya diri memakainya.
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