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When Facebook Mobile Came To Our Lives

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Remember the story of Facebook mobile when the first time we could access it through our small tools, cell phone. It was so cool.

Facebook mobile was launched in 2007. It allows users to access Facebook from their phones. They can view and update their pages through web browser, e-mail, text messages, or downloaded applications. Since that it became easier to be engaged with friends on Facebook. Users don’t need to bring a heavy laptop or sit on the chair in front of their PC computers.

Users can use text and picture messaging to post on their wall, update status, and upload photos. But, they can not see friends’ updates. They must log in to the mobile web site.

Then good news came in May 2010 when Facebook launched “Facebook Zero”. It allows users to access Facebook for through mobile web site. Since that time users could access Facebook mobile for free through their phone. Many people more care of their cell phone than someone beside them.It means this new feature changed the life style.



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