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SEO: Check Your Blog or Website Loading Speed

Is your blog or website loading speed good? Is it important for you to care of your blog loading speed? If you are not a blogger, it must be not important, but if you are a blogger or someone doing online business using blog or website, so being aware of you blog or website loading speed is one of important things in blogging activity.

The purpose of blogging activity is to get many visitors, to get people reading your blog. So that, blogger must care about the visitors. As blogger you must make them enjoy reading your blog. Make your blog as wonderful as you can. Make the visitors interesting and have interesting experience reading on your blog.

One of enjoyable activities in reading a blog is without having trouble in that activity. What will happen if your blog loading speed so bad or so slow? Do you think the visitors will be sincerely waiting it? No, there are thousands even millions blog and websites they can read. They will prefer move to another blog or website which have good loading speed.

Therefore, it is important for bloggers to know the loading speed or their blogs or website. To know it, you can check here: blog speed test

Once you open it, you will see a page like this

blog loading speed, website speed, how to check blog loading speed

Then enter your blog or website URL. Look the picture bellow!

howo to check blog speed, blog speed, website loading speed

 The result is as follow:

Now you know your blog loading speed. 

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