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Fiction Dialogue Kill Me After I Give You Money


Fiction, short story
I watched a lot of video about chaos in this planet such is in Ukraine, Iraq, etc. This situation inspires me to write a fictional dialogue

Slaluben: Sla, do you remember how my grandpa told us the story of world war?

Slalusa   : Hahahahaha... It was so funny.

Slaluben: What? Why do you think it's funny? Millions people died.

Slalusa   : He told us that our army used pointed bamboo to kill their enemy. While the enemy used gun, but they were defeated.

Slaluben: Then, is that funny?

Slalusa   : No, no. it was great. I imagine you're my enemy. You have gun, but you can not make gun.

Slaluben: You want to use bamboo.

Slalusa   : No, no, no. I can make gun and sell it to everyone. One day you have no bullet anymore and I am broke. Then, you come to me and want to compromise, "Don't kill me now, I want to buy some bullets. You need money, right?" Hahahahahahaaa...

Slaluben: Do you think it's funny?

Slalusa   : No. Just fun.

A proverb said, "Playing water cause you wet, playing fire cause you hot."

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