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How Great to Find Family Tree On Ancestry


ancestry, family tree
I was so curious about a word ancestry that appeared on keyword tool planner as the highest search. I tried to find it on Google, then I found ancestry.com. I tried to understand what it was about. And, finally I know it is the large community to discover, preserve and share their family history.

I remember culture in my town. Based on our culture family tree is very important. One makes human different from animal is family, right? So that, it is very important to know the family tree of someone. In my town, If a man want to marry a girl, he must know well the family tree of the girl.

So, ancestry.com is a great place to find it. Here are the fact of ancestry.com I found on the website: 
  • more than 14 billion historical records
  • more than 60 million family trees and more than 6 billion profiles
  • more than 2.7 million worldwide subscribers
  • more than 200 million photographs, scanned documents and written stories have been uploaded
To register to the site is not free.

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