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A Beautiful Singer Rossa Will Lend Her House For Pipik Dian Irawati


Pipik Dian Irawati is a wife of Ust. Jefri Al Bukhori, a great young Islamic teacher who died because of an accident about a year ago. Last week on Friday her house was burnt down. She has four children, two of them graduated from their school at that time. Pipik jumped down from the second floor. Fortunately the fire only burnt the first floor.

It is near Ramadhan, a month for Muslim to perform fasting. It can be busier than usual day. She and her children stay in an apartment in Jakarta now. Lately, Rossa, a great singer offers her to stay in her house.

Watch the video on entertainment news here https://id(dot)celebrity(dot)yahoo.com/video/bantuan-rumah-untuk-pipik-dari-105500292.html

How great what this singer does! Many bad gossip about artists such as divorce, drug, etc. It is too bad as there are thousands or even millions fans of artist. Artists are the models of many people. Million thumb for this great singer.

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