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The useful Community


It's a great day. I think it's a guidance from God. Thanks to Him.

I am really passionate to write every day, even all the time without taking rest awhile. Hmm... Writing is interesting for me. For me, writing is the same as speaking. When we hear someone talk to us, then we give response. A writer writes an article or something to be read by the reader, as a reader, it's not good if just keep silent.

I have been in front of my laptop since this morning. It's 01:26 pm here. I still don't want to leave my laptop. I found so many online communities on Facebook, the English community. It's really useful to improve my writing skill, to share about culture with friends from in countries. I have joined more than ten groups.

From my experience for have been so long studying English, joining a community is much better than just going to school or an English Course. In school, I just got a little theory from the teacher without using it though just for a moment.

However, joining a community, the most important thing is the spirit. Yeah, we have the same passion, we always talk about English, we have the same dream. Spirit is more than just a little knowledge gotten from a teacher.

Really, I think that my teacher just teaches me to be able to answer a question on the exam, not to skilled to use English. It's the fact I have been experienced.

I got improvement in speaking English also because of joining a community. I can practice with friends. It's increase my speaking skill.

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