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Papa and Mama, I Have A Dream


Watching Negeri 5 Menara movie yesterday, remind me to my dream, a long ago. I was really eager to go abroad, to study or work there. That movie told about students who had a dream to go abroad, like me. Yeah, like me. I was, not I am. Now I am watching Habibie dan Ainun movie. This movie tells about a great Indonesian aircraft expert, Rudy Habibie. He was a president of this country, a long ago.

Yeah, this movie is interesting. That's why my girl sent me this and suggested me to watch. However, I am not interested anymore to study abroad, but still have a passion to go overseas and visit all countries.

Before do that, having online interaction with people in other countries is interesting, like having a big family in this planet. So I can go everywhere. Yeah, I feel that they are my family. 

A long ago, I had a dream to go to Australia, because most Indonesian study there. 

Yahoo answer, it's a useful site to make interaction with people in other countries. Yesterday I opened Singapore page and read one question. I got idea to write on blog from that question.

Allah, You teach me by everything you want. Mustn't be these or those.

I opened the Australian page on yahoo answer, about family. There's a common question as I used to find before. I don't know whether boy or girl. I can't distinguish the male and female name yet. But, he may be a boy. He told that his parent wanted him always to be on the honor roll. He said that their parent wouldn't accept if he ranked down.

One almost make my tear drops, when he said "Don't they know how tired I am to do this?"

It's a dream.

His parents have a dream. That's good. It's a proof that they care about their son. It's for the better future, for a better life, for him. Do you think it's for their kids too?

They are experienced, they know what the life is, where is the good way and where is the bad one. But in their era, not now. Do you think so?

Logically, his parents are true. They do the truth, if their son want to live in their era. Some of us have proven that the good way before will be as well now, or even in the future. Yeah, we have seen it. 

How about creativity? Do you think that life is changing?

Parents can make their son or their daughter be the same as them, but they can always make this life always be the same as their era. 

In this case, as parents, what can we do is teaching our son or our daughter to lead or follow the change.

What about the children? What should they do? As a young generation, they have so many dreams. Should they kill their dreams?

Some people said that life today is better than before, while others said the contrary.

But if you face as that boy faced, I have advice for you. A learner is the greatest one. A learners learn something they do not know yet. So if you think that what's in your mind good and what's in their mind bad. This case or this matter has been in your mind. It's better to think something you do not know yet, something you may be afraid of, or something you may be worried about.

Love to do a great effort is better than just loving the result.

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