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Learning English is Useful


RSBI (Rintisan Sekolah bertaraf Internasional) has been closed. Some teacher and university student of English education worried about it. It means that their opportunity to get job decreased. While the others do not worry about it. They think that Indonesian people still need English.

English is a language used internationally. You can speak with people around the world use English. You can wider your business relation if you can speak English. You can promote your products to people in other countries use English and gain better benefit.

Being aware about English give you many benefits. You can be a translator, a writer, a tutor. For example, I have got published some poems in Indonesia and got money, but only Rp 35000/poem. You know, in
America, some websites pay 1 poems $30, it’s similar to Rp 300.

Translator, it is a good job. You can choose whether want to a be a freelance translator or work for other or company. As a freelance translator, you can manage your time. You can work whenever you want, without getting fired by your boss. You are a boss of yourself. Besides that, you can translate books, as many as you want, then you can publish it, or sell it by yourself.

You can also be a tutor. Not only in Indonesia. If you are skilled enough, you can teach grammar, writing, or anything else about English to people around the world.

But, it is not cheap to learn English.

You don’t need to think about that. English is a language, a tool to make interaction with other people. As an Indonesian, you are experienced in speaking bilingual, right? I am sure about that. When we are a child, we speak local languages such as Javanese, Madurese, Balinese, and so on. Then we started to use it when we come into school .

Just remember your experience, when did exactly you understand and able to use Indonesian? I am sure, most of you do not remember. But the fact, you can speak both Indonesia and your local language. How can?

You can be like that because you use the language. How about English? You have been learning English since we were in elementary school, but how many of us can speak and write English? Some people reasoned because they do not have friends to speak to.

It is a modern era. There is no reason to practice English freely. We can use electronic to practice English. You can use Facebook by joining many groups and make conversation with them. You can also learn freely, without paying anything at some website like livemoca.com, englishclub.com.

Mastering a language is not the same as mastering biology or physic. You don’t need to learn the detailed rule of the language. Language is a tool of communication. There is no wrong or true in using it. To know whether you are right or wrong, you just need to look at your partner in speaking. If he or she understand what you say, so you are true.

Keep doing it. Step by step you will master the language and then speak like an English native speaker.   

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