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Inspired By A Blind Seller

A blind seller said this:

”Maaf ibu,  bukan saya menolak. Saya masih muda dan bukan termasuk golongan orang yang berhak menerima zakat. Saya kan ada pekerjaan berjualan kerupuk. Beli saja kerupuk saya dengan uang titipan dari Ibu SW itu.”

He refused when a mother want to give him money from her friends in Saudi. He said that he could make ends meet by himself, without begging to other. He's not someone who was suggested to receive tithe/zakat.

A great man.

From this story, I got lesson, it seems to me that Allah assure my heart that He always here with me. He will always help me. Yeah... Lately I am worried about my future. It's the last month I am working and soon will be a jobless man.

Future is blind for me. But I realize that God will always show me the way, will guide me. Really, I feel that God has just opened the eye of my heart. I understand now, knowledge is not in my mind. I have just an opinion, not the truth.

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