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Able To Follow and Lead The Change


About an hour ago I read yahoo answer. I read the Singapore page. As usual, I opened Family and relationship category, my favorite one. I opened one question, still no answer there. She was a girl. She told about her experience over the night with a boy she met about three days before. She was watching a movie with him in his room over the  night. She backed home at about 03:30 am. She said no sex in that room, just kiss. On yahoo answer, she asked whether the boy love her or not.

I won't talk more about them. However, I wanna ask you whether you have opinion about this. It's been reported in media that many women in India got rape. Do you think they happy or not? I don't think so. Just blank minded women who wanna be a victim of rape. However, let's go to prostitution place. What do you think about women there? Do you think they live happily, are they in a true happiness?

What if you are a mother, or a sister, or a brother of a girl or a woman?

In today social, staying together with girl or boy, with man or woman in a room illegally, I mean without moral agreement, is enjoyable, right? They are like wife and husband. Instead, crime will possibly happen.

When I was a child, living in my village is not as free as today. When people saw a man or a boy look at a girl or a woman, they will blame him. They used to comment him that that action is a sin, can lead him to the hell, be Satan's friend. However, I won't blame anyone. I think none never make mistake.

Life is always changed. Life is not static. Life is dynamic. We have to realize about that. We are the best today, but not tomorrow. Today Life  is not tomorrow life.

I consider the generation here, the students in this country Indonesia. Most of our generations study in school. They learn many subjects. Some people think that our generations learn to live better, learn to make their lives better. However, the other do not think so, because they found evidences that most of our generations live badly. We know about that. We have seen our generations made crimes.

How can?

We know about knowledge. Knowledge is thing the students want to get, thing the teacher give to the student. But, what is knowledge? I don't want to ask the definition to an expert. I wanna ask to your heart as a mother, as parents, as teacher, as brother or sister.

Is that enough what our generation got from school?

At the end of the period, some of them got stress, as like they found the hell waiting them. For them who can pass the exam, are they clever? Do they have knowledge? Are they ready to come into real life, get involve in social?

Life is always changed. I divide our students into to types, one is having much knowledge, while the others not having much knowledge, but skilled to follow the change or lead the change. The second type doesn't care what subject they learn. For them, learning is not getting knowledge, not being aware about certain subjects, but learning is the capability to be more creative in living a life.

What's your opinion?

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