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5 Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Tentang Binatang


Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris Tentang Binatang, cerita fabel dalam bahasa inggris, cerita hewan dalam bahasa inggris

Membaca cerita pendek bahasa inggris tentang binatang tentu menyenangkan bagi anak-anak. Apalagi ceritanya tentang binatang yang disukai, anak akan semangat membaca. Untuk membantu anak belajar bahasa inggris, tentu saja cerita pendek atau cerita panjang bahasa inggris tentang binatang cocok sekali. Dengan membaca cerita pendek dalam bahasa inggris yang bercerita tentang kehiduan binatang, anak akan asyik mempraktekkan bahasa Inggris. Dengan membaca cerpen bahasa inggris tentang binatang, anak akan mudah mengingat kata-kata baru yang didapatkannya dan akan ketagihan untuk membaca. Berikut contoh cerita-cerita pendek dalam bahasa inggris bercerita tentang binatang.

Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris 1

A horse With Tiger Skin

A young horse had just eaten wheat on wheat farmland. He was very happy as none watched over the wheat farmland. His stomach was very full and headed off to the forest. On the way, he saw something like tiger skin. He got near it. It was true, the tiger skin was left by a hunter. He tried to wear it. As he was young, it was enough for his body. Now, he looked like a tiger.

He was hiding in bushes waiting for other animals. Then some ships were walking together. Once they arrived in front of the horse, he jumped out. The ships were frightened and ran away. He laughed out and hid again. A few minutes later, a deer was walking alone. The horse jumped out. The deer ran away very fast. The horse laughed out happily.

It was so long no animal walked there. But he stayed there. Then a small cat came. The horse didn’t jump out, but he tried to roar like a tiger. The small cat was not afraid of his voice, he laughed. “Hahahahaha.... You look like tiger,” the cat said. “but your voice is horse voice.”
Cerita pendek bahasa inggris yang ini tentang binatang kuda yang menyamar memakai kulit harimau. Ia menjahili hewan lain dengan menakut-nakuti mereka. Pelajaran yang bisa diambil dari cerita pendek bahasa inggris tentang kuda ini adalah bahwa sepandai-pandai kita menyamar dan menyembunyikan keburukan diri, tentu akan apes juga akhirnya.

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Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris 2

Deer and Turtle

An Arrogant deer was walking alone around the lake. Then he saw a small turtle walking here and there. “What are you doing, Turtle?” deer asked. He liked to intervened others and easily got angry.

“I was working to make ends meet.”

“What...?! You’re doing nothing...!!”

Turtle sighed, he didn’t understand what was the mistake. The deer got angry with him. “I’ll curse your feet...!!” Turtle tried to be patient. But the deer got angrier with him.

“My feet are stronger than yours,” turtle said.

“Ow, prove it. Hit my feet first, then I will hit yours...!!”

“No. If I hit your feet, you will hurt and fall down on the ground.”


Deer got angry and hit turtle’s feet. But turtle slipped his feet into his shell. Deer got angrier and curse turtle into the soil. He thought turtle had died, then he went away. Turtle tried hard to get out of the soil. After a week he could get out of the soil and found deer. After several days he found deer and he walked up the hill then glided his body. With a very smart way, he hit the deer’s nose with his hard shell. The deer felt very painful and died.
Cerita pendek dalam bahasa inggris ini bercerita tentang binatang rusa dan kura-kura. Dalam cerita pendek bahasa inggris ini diceritakan tentang sifat rusa yang dampang marah pada binatang lain, termasuk pada kura-kura. Pesan dalam cerita pendek yang ditulis dengan bahasa inggris yang bercerita tentang binatang ini adalah bahwa kita jangan sombong dan meremehkan orang lain.

Cerita Fabel dalam Bahasa Inggris 3

Ant and Grasshopper

Grasshopper was very happy in summer. Every day grasshopper played violin and sang. He enjoyed his life all the time. Ant was busy working every day. He walked in front of grasshopper’s house brought many things. One day grasshopper invited ant to join him singing and playing a violin. But ant refused, “I am very busy,” ant said.

Summer would end in a couple of days. The ant worked harder to provide some food for his family during fall and winter. Grasshopper never thought about it. He enjoyed his life all the time. Finally, winter came. Grasshopper had no enough food and his house was broken. He was shocked and went to ant’s house for help. “Sorry, Grasshopper, my house was too small for you, and I can’t share my food with you, my family need it.”
Cerita pendek dalam bahasa inggris ini bercerita tentang dua binatang kecil yang sifatnya berbeda. Pesan moral dalam cerita pendek yang ditulis dalam bahasa inggris ini ialah tentang sikap siaga sebagai binatang atau manusia, harus sedia payung sebelum hujan.

Cerita Fabel dalam Bahasa Inggris 4

The Hungry Crocodile

A hungry crocodile was on the river bank alone. He was very hungry. He was not eating for three days. He tried to find something to eat. He could die if he didn’t eat. He looked around, but he saw nothing. He felt very weak. He swam along the river hoping to find any prey.

Finally, he saw a duck swimming on the river. The duck saw him and ran, but the crocodile chased the duck and caught it. The duck cried, “Please, don’t eat me. I little flesh. Why don’t you eat ship with much flesh?”

Crocodile accepted the duck’s advice, “Okay, show where the ship is...!”

“Over there,” the duck showed him.

“Okay, I’ll go there. You may leave now.”

The duck was very happy and ran so fast. Crocodile ran fast as he saw many ships eating grass. Then he caught a small ship.

“Please, don’t eat me. I am still too young, my body is too small,” the small ship cried. “Why don’t you eat elephant, the very big animal.”

“Okay, show me...!”

“The small ship showed him that elephants usually play on the lake.”

Crocodile went there and saw a young elephant. He bit the elephant’s leg. The elephant cried loudly. Then many big elephants came and hit crocodile, some cursed him. Crocodile was very weak, he was very hungry. He could not defend himself and die.
Cerita pendek bahasa inggris ini bercerita tentang binatang buaya yang sangat lapar. Dalam cerita pendek bahasa inggris ini diceritakan tentang buaya yang sudah sangat lapar, namun dia masih tergoda untuk mencari makanan yang lebih besar meskipun sudah dapat binatang yang kecil.

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Cerita Fabel dalam Bahasa Inggris 5

An Arrogant Caterpillar

There were two caterpillars in a forest, they were Ola and Olu. Ola was friendly, humble, and kind. While Olu was very stubborn and arrogant. One day Ola asked for Olu some food. “Sorry, it’s mine. Go away and find your own food.” Olu didn’t want to share his food. Ola went away.

The following week all animals were gathering in the middle of the forest. They were together to discuss about the forest policy. The lion led the meeting. Ola invited Olu to join the meeting. “Unimportant meeting. It’s my life, why are they making such rules? I want to live free.” Ola joined the meeting alone. Almost all animals hated Olu. He always looked down others.

One day Ola and Olu should stop eating as it was the time for both to transform to be a butterfly. Both hung upside down from a small twig and became a silky cocoon. After several days both transformed into butterflies. Ola got very very beautiful colorful wings, while Olu got black wings. Olu looked sad. He wanted the colorful wings.
Cerita pendek dalam bahasa inggris yang satu ini bercerita tentang sifat sombong seekor binatang. Pesan moral dalam cerpen bahasa inggris tentang binatang ini adalah jangan sombong karena kita tidak tahu apakah yang kita miliki saat ini akan tetap kita miliki.

Itulah beberapa cerita pendek yang ditulis dalam bahasa inggris bercerita tentang berbagai binatang. Semoga bermanfaat bagi yang sedang belajar bahasa Inggris.

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